Taizé savanorio-vokiečio Luko prisiminimai iš vizito Lietuvoje.

2012-11-26 09:26:15 | Lukas
Šiuo metu jis studijuoja "Taiką ir konfliktus" Švedijoje, Malmės universitete.

I have just returned from a trip to Lithuania. I have been there in Vilnius for a visit for several days. I needed some holidays from my studies. It was an interesting visit.
I stayed with Dainius and helped him to find volunteers for the trip to Rome he is organizing. We went to several schools and had presentations in different lessons about Taizé and the coming winter meeting. That was fun. And together, we eventually convinced some pupils to take part in the adventure.

I also met with my other friends from Taizé - with some of them I had become quite close friends this summer.
It was them that made this trip unforgettable. To be honest, I did not want to leave. In Vilnius, I have true friends while in Malmö, I don't.

It was interesting to come in the winter. Lithuanians seem to be a very depressed people. And they have all reason for being depressed. My visit instead brought some light in the dark, some happiness in a world of psychological terror.
There are these huge contrasts in the city. On one hand there is the very beautiful inner city. It looks as if you were in a totally western city. And then when you go out of the centre, there are huge slums all around with old soviet block houses that are falling apart. But then, in front of these ghetto buildings, there are German cars standing which are actually quite expensive. And there are these giant shopping malls everywhere with stuff that is so expensive that I do not understand how people can afford to buy it. But they are buying it anyways. There are many homeless people on the streets but no one does actually seem to care. It is just "normal". Lithuania looks worse than east Germany 10 years ago. It is a society that is slowly penetrated by the capitalistic economy. In the challenge of transformation, the gap between rich and poor is growing stronger.

There was a Taizé prayer on Thursday which gathered 30-40 young Lithuanians. It was a very beautiful prayer and for the first time after leaving Taizé, I felt home again. Home not locally, but home in my heart. Spiritually balanced. In unity with myself and the world around me.
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